• Adam J Faulkner

Craving that quality craft coffee during Lockdown? You're not alone

If you're anything like us, who are fuelled by the daily caffeine hit, one of the things we've missed the most is that quality cup of coffee.

The cafes and coffee shops may be shut but that doesn't mean you can't making a cracking cup of coffee during lockdown... and make a video about it of course.

William Musgrave from Beaux Consultancy grinds the coffee beans, throws them in the coffee machine and froths the milk for his daily cup of coffee.

Nothing like a cup of the black stuff....

Location: Manchester Coffee: William Musgrave - Beaux Consultancy Original Video and Music: CreativeAF

CreativeAF creates innovative, unique and personalised content. Tailor-made video with tailor-made music, exclusive to our clients.

Bespoke Branded Video | Music | Content #creativeaf

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