• Adam J Faulkner

CreativeAF teams up with bubble tea brand 'The Bubble Panda'

Great to work with bubble tea brand 'The Bubble Panda' on some promo video content.

Their subscription boxes are delivered straight to the door so you can make bubble tea from home.

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has grown in popularity over the world. The name comes from the frothy bubbles formed on the surface of the drink after shaking it. What makes Bubble Tea special is the toppings – traditionally chewy black tapioca balls, ‘boba’, added to the drink to create flavour and texture.

Location: Manchester

Product: The Bubble Panda Bubble Tea

Original Video and Music: CreativeAF

CreativeAF creates innovative, unique and personalised content. Tailor-made video with tailor-made music, exclusive to our clients.

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