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Life During Lockdown - Getting Creative In The Kitchen

There's no doubt about it, it's a tough time for creatives being stuck at home. But while inspiration may be in shorter supply than usual, those restrictions can lead us to be more creative, using our limited surroundings as a spark to create things we wouldn't have previously cooked up.

For many, the kitchen will have provided not just some solace and escapism from the Coronavirus pandemic that lurks outside of our four walls but also a source of great inspiration, exploration and creativity.

With time on our hands, we have been blessed with a platform to get the creative juices flowing in the kitchen, whether that be dusting off old recipe books or going rogue with the ingredients we have at our disposal.

That's why CreativeAF have decided to film this culinary creativity as a series of home-cooking videos called the 'Kitchen Diaries'.

There may be a flour shortage up and down the country as Brits attempt to turn themselves into masterbakers but Episode One features Didsbury home-baker Alice Buckley as she prepares a Lockdown Loaf - a white bloomer filled with stuffed olives.

Original Video and Music: CreativeAF

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