• Adam J Faulkner

Signature homemade cocktails during Lockdown

With lockdown measures still firmly in place and the doors to bars firmly shut, Britain has had no option to drink from home. We are no different, except we constructed a purpose-built bar in the garden. We decided that if we cannot go to bars, we will bring them to us - albeit without any guests of course.

From this space, we have been creating innovative cocktail-making video content straight from the garden with drinks magician William Musgrave from Beaux Consultancy.

Over the last few weeks we have rattled off video after video from the comfort of our own backyard with Beaux Consultancy bringing the bespoke signature cocktails, while we brought the tailor-made video and personalised music to go with it.

It has been a brilliant creative partnership between Beaux Consultancy and CreativeAF and we love working together. Not only do we come up with some great creative video content but the cocktails don't taste too bad either.

Like many industries, the creative and hospitality sectors have taken severe knocks due to COVID-19, leaving us with the task to think outside the box, improvise and create new and innovative ways to stay afloat.

Beaux Consultancy is a small Manchester & London based collective of bar consultants that works as menu creators/developers and bar trainers for luxury hotels, bar groups and spirit brands across Europe.

CreativeAF creates innovative, unique and personalised content. Tailor-made video with tailor-made music, exclusive to our clients.

Location: Manchester

Drinks: Beaux Consultancy

Original Video & Music: CreativeAF

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