• Adam J Faulkner

Video & Music - Make Sure It Fits

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A trumpet plays over a yoga teacher in full flow, heavy metal sounds against a joyous union of a happy couple, and EDM to footage of a Northern English graveyard.

Written down it doesn't exactly sound like a match made in heaven and nor is it in the video above either...

The best film composers in the business can bring us to tears, fill our skin with goosebumps and leave us feeling overwhelmed. Why? The music. It makes us feel. It guides us. Combine that with what's going on on screen and it's a memorable audio-visual experience that taps into our emotions.

In this video, we have purposefully written music to video that put simply just doesn't work.

When it comes to music, you wouldn't use a soundtrack for your video content that doesn't match-up. You owe it to your brand to make sure it fits.

Get it wrong and it will leave those who watch it disengaged. Get it right and you will tap into their emotions and make them feel.

With a soundtrack that really fits, we bring compelling video to life even more with carefully crafted music with the right mood and genre. 

That's one of the key brand values of CreativeAF - crafting a soundtrack that really fits the video we deliver.

Tailor-made video with tailor-made music, custom-made and exclusive to the clients and brands we work with.

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